Needing an appraisal done? Order your appraisal today

Appraisals, an opinion as to the value of real property, are instrumental when buying, selling, settling estates, estate planning, tax appeals, and in other circumstances, such as divorce. They provide a professional opinion of value. 

If you would like your house appraised, choose our Burford & Henry services. We offer services that utilize the latest software from ACI and are verified for FHA appraisals. 

Brian C. Burford, our Senior Appraiser and Associate Broker, has been a Certified Residential Appraiser since 1995, and has completed thousands of local appraisals. 

With the help of Kim Beidl who became a Certified Residential Appraiser in 2013, they are able to help you in any way to give you the services that you need to find your property value. 

Appraisal types: 

  • Residential 
  • Seasonal properties or camps 
  • Farms 
  • Multi-Family 
  • Vacant Land
  • Student Rentals 

We offer quality local services. Contact us for appraisal services if you live in the Clarion or Forest counties. Our coverage also extends into parts of Armstrong, Jefferson, and Venango counties.